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Ifá Yorùbá Ancestor-Òrìṣà Pilgrimage (Tuskegee, Alabama 2023)

2023 Tuskegee Pilgrimage

Ifá-Òrìṣà Academy


Ori Counseling Services


Credits: Sound Design / Audio Production


Video Editing: Ìyánífá Ifátùmínínú  Bámigbálà-Arẹ̀sà

Ursula Smith Presents:
The Brown Sugar Nutcracker

Scene: Dark Path

Credits: Original Music Composition and Score

Director: Bold As A Lion Productions

Mas Ankh -
The Who Am I Project

Music Promo - Life Music

From the album: Mas Ankh - The Who Am I Project

Poems by: Ama Shambulia, Akil Kwakou Muata and Kecia Lightner

Credits: Tommy Fluker - Recording, Music Production, Keyboards and Percussion.

Yoni Steam Institute

Title: Ma Yoni 'aT Yoga for Pregnancy

- A Meditative Practice (Trailer)


Credits: Full Instructional Video Production, Original music composition, editing.


Full DVD available at

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