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"We view music as one of, if not THE most sacred gifts of the Divine. It is the one language that transcends all barriers of time and space, people and faiths. Music mimics nature in that we all must sing our own unique song in order to fully participate in the universal symphony of life on Earth, as she, herself, sings her song amongst the stars and galaxies.


Music Curation

Equanimity Media Arts

has curated music for numerous public and private events, including: art gallery openings, birthings, blessingways, book signings, children's events, community farming events, dance, department stores and shops, family gatherings, homegoing celebrations, meditation, sleep, workout, wellness workshops, websites,  wedding ceremonies, traveling, yoga, and more.

*Music Library and Playlist ​Services

We are available to assist you in creating a unique and unforgettable soundscape to compliment your special occasion.

Please inquire and/or list playlist details below for more information on this exclusive service.

*All inquiries are subject to review. 

Requests for vulgar and discriminatory content will be immediately denied.

Thank you! We will be in touch soon.

Recent Works
Sound Exhibits /Installations



Past Venues &

Amani Raha

Apache Cafe (Atlanta, GA)

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center

Birmingham Museum of Art

Boutwell Auditorium

Boss Ultra Lounge

Carver Theater

Charlemagne Records

Cleveland Public Theater (Cleveland, OH)

Gallery 992 (Atlanta, GA)

Harambe Room

Malcolm's Reading Room

Plum Lounge

Riverchase Galleria


The Loft
The Nick Rocks

The High Note

University of Alabama at Birmingham

WCSB Cleveland

West End Community Gardens

Zanzibar International Bar & Grill

Various Private Events


Ori Counseling Services

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Ka Vibrations Yoga

Unique Seminars

WE Community Gardens

Yoni Steam Institute

Egúngún Wa - Altar Installation

Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane 

Performance Artist - Ifátùmínínú  Bamgbàlà-Arẹ̀sà

Sound Artist: Ifádáhùnsi Bamgbàlà-Arẹ̀sà  

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