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Ifádáhùnsi Bámigbálà-Arẹ̀sà

Sound Artist

Sound Design
Film | Performance | Advertisement

Scene: Dark Path

Ursula Smith Presents:

The Brown Sugar Nutcracker

Original Music Composition and Score

Director: Bold As A Lion Productions

Egúngún Wa

Performance Art 

Sound Design / Original Music Composition

Performance Artist: Ìyánífá Ifátùmínínú  Bámigbálà-Arẹ̀sà

Cinematography: Abdul Aziz 

2023 Tuskegee Pilgrimage

Ifá-Òrìṣà Academy

Ori Counseling Services

Sound Design / Audio Production

Video Editing: Ìyánífá Ifátùmínínú  Bámigbálà-Arẹ̀sà

Music Composition | Video Editing

Life Music

The Who Am I Project

Music Composition 

Audio Production | Video Editing

Ibase Yeye Ọ̀ṣun

Trailer - Òrìṣà Music Mixtape

Sound and Video Editing

Music Curation/DJ Mix

Walk With Me Exhibit

Shout It Out Exhibit

Music Composition

Permanent Gallery Installations 

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Vocals, and additional production Sharrif Simmons

Audiobook Production | Editing | Sound FX Design

A Journey To Forgiveness

Disowning 3 Generations of Violence

Audiobook Recording

Full Production - Voice Recording, Editing, Distribution

Author and Voice:

Maati Mama Sanovia Muhammad

On Mama's Back

Audiobook Recording

(All Rights Reserved)

Full Production - Voice Recording, Editing, Sound Design, Sound EFX

Author and Voice:

Ifáfọláwẹ̀ Stacey Fluker


Cover: M. Borgella

Field Recording

On Location

Nigeria, West Afrika

On Location Alabama:

Blount County / Ruffner Mountain  Turkey Creek

On Location Alabama:

Blount County / Ruffner Mountain

Music Curation
Ori Counseling CLR Logo with invisible boarder.webp

Ori Counseling Services

Academy Session Music Curator

Traditional and contemporary music inspired by the Ifá-Òrìṣà Academy curriculum and academia.


Soul Fire Farm

Daily Operations Playlist

"Energetic" and "Chill" music playlists for work and relaxation during and after farming

activities and events. 

Screenshot 2023-11-04 at 11.00.50 PM.png

Certified MUSIC & MEMORY®

Music Playlist Curator

Providing memory-inspiring music and wellness playlists for the elderly and those living with dementia.  


About Me

Ifádáhùnsi Bámigbálà-Arẹ̀sà  is a Sound Artist, specializing in Audio Editing, Field Recording, Sound Scenography, and Ethnomusicology as a DJ, Composer, and Field Recordist. He is a published Music Writer and Music Culture Presenter, Homesteader, and Entrepreneur.

He has presented, performed, and recorded music and sounds regionally and internationally as a specialist in traditional/ceremonial spiritual music and Hip Hop culture.

Ifádáhùnsi Bámigbálà-Arẹ̀sà is a lifelong student of sound, art, nature, and spirituality; the foundations of his life's work.


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