translates to "rain" in the Yorùbá language. 

Around the world, rain is honored, praised and prayed for.

Here we pay reverence to our Mother Earth's 

expression of life and love. 


 ÒjÒ is an aural experience infused with on location field recordings of nature, ethereal synthesized tones, and percussive elements, bringing the atmospheric and healing aspects of rain to any environment. 

All electronic instruments are tuned to the Earth frequency of 432 Hz to further promote wellness and harmony within our physical, mental and subtle bodies. When in balance, these bodies create the optimal conditions for overall wellness.


This work may be used for: Meditation, deep relaxation, healing and light work; including but not limited to: yoga, massage, reiki, Tai Chi and others. Can also be used as an aid with sleep and to induce lucid dreaming.


Produced, recorded and mixed by 

Tommy Fluker for Equanimity Sound and Media Arts

ASCAP Equanimity Media Arts/Tommy Fluker

Equanimity Sound & Media Arts All Rights Reserved 2021

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